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The One

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Are you a stickler for bottles with numbers? If you are, then we bet getting your hands on a number one is pretty special. For ONE collector we have THE COMPLETE Barrel Aged Gin Collection for you. Let us tell you more.

How does bottles 1 from every batch (1,2 &3) from the distillers own museum stock sound? It gets better.

This set comes with,
50ml sample of the unaged gin that has NEVER been tried by anyone else other than the distillers. Distilled with smoked Juniper, coco nips, coco husk, almond orange and vanilla.
50ml sample of the original whisky that was in the cask before the Gin. Just Derek by Craftworks Distillery Capertee.
50ml sample of ultra aged gin. This was the original RnD batch that Ally made to test if the recipe worked in the cask. It is full of juicy whisky that is soaked up before batch 1 was laid down.


A Invitation to visit Karu Distillery for 2 with a tour of the production space by the distillers and a cocktail at their STUNNING lookout over the Devils Wilderness.

And to top it off an extra bottle of batch 1, something to share with friends and family. 

There can only be 1 one, are you that one?

After purchase we will reach out to you and line up a time for the tour. 
Please note no discounts can be used on this experience.