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Karu Gin Sample Pack

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Can't decide which gin to buy? This is the perfect tasting pack for you! 

You'll get to try a taste of each of our award-winning gins in this handy 50 ml sampler pack.

Each Pack Contains:

1 x 50ml Affinity Gin 44%
1 x 50ml Pre-Infused Vermilion G&Tea with Affinity Gin 44%
1 x 50ml Pre-Infused Amethyst G&Tea with Affinity Gin 44%
1 x 50ml Lightning Gin 57.5%


Affinity Gin - Australian Contemporary
50ml 44% Abv 
Botanicals; juniper, semi-sweet citrus, native lemon myrtle, lavender, cardamom notes, with smooth vanilla and almond finish.

Vermilion G&Tea Premium Cocktail Infused Gin - Affinity Gin Based
50ml 44% Abv 
Floral top notes and semi-sweet citrus accompanied by Honeybush tea. The shade of Red transforms to Pink with the additions of Tonic Water.

Amethyst G&Tea Premium Cocktail Infused Gin - Affinity Gin Based
50ml 44% Abv 
Bright lemongrass, spicy ginger root accompanied by royal Blue Butterfly Pea Flower, that bursts into purple with the addition of Tonic Water.

Lightning Gin - Navy Strength
50ml 57.5% Abv 
Botanicals; Macerated and vapour infused Juniper create a double profile of rich pine. Bright citruses of bitter, sweet and herbaceous with big luscious notes from heritage Rose Geranium. Honeybush Tea and Vanilla set the platform for their gin.


Allergies advice:  

Affinity does contain Almonds - These are added during distillation not post.
Teabags are made from corn starch fibre, manufactured in a warehouse containing sesame products where gluten may be present. 
G&Tea Premium Cocktail Infused Gin contain natural colours. Being an all-natural product with no preservatives or stabilizing additives, these colours will fade or change flavour over time. Please keep out of the sun and keep in a cool dark place.


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