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Barrel Aged Gin Batch 1

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375ml 47% ABV 14 standard drinks

Our very fist release of the Barrel Aged Gin collaboration that has spanned over the last 5 years seeing, fires, floods and a pandemic.

We originally saved 10 bottles back from this batch that have been used for charity auctions over the last few years. 2 of them have been saved for the ONE pack and we have 1 more left!

Barrel Aged Gin Batch 1.

Two NSW independent Distilleries collaborating to create one spirit that encapsulates the context of Karu & Craft Works.

Craig Field (affectionately known in the industry as “Crafty” ) stopped by Karu one day with a freshly decanted barrel that carried a heavy hearted history.
Barrel aging spirits hadn’t even begun for our Distillery at this point of time, let alone the concept of aging a gin.
Crafty proposed the idea of resting our flag ship Affinity Gin in the 100L ex sherry ex whisky cask which is something we immediately couldn’t make sense of. “Affinity isn’t a barrel aged gin” Ally probably said too quickly, followed by “…but maybe we could make one for this particular cask and take it from a gin approach” because gin was the spirit language we spoke. What we wanted to do was use the barrel’s history and what was previously in there to curate a gin that would use its past & the wood as a “botanical” making it truly unique.
Batch 1 of this gin was Distilled and aged at Karu Distillery & Decanted December 2019 during Australia’s largest forest fire in history so that the influence of the ageing process would not be disturbed in the evacuation process.
Taking on this challenge from entirely a gin perspective was a very important part of this project, it put our skills to the test and taught us some valuable techniques. This very limited and unique gin is very much a rare part of our distillery’s history.
Like the tale behind the barrel of “Just Derek”, it started with a spirit that Crafty didn’t understand, this same barrel then faced Karu Distillery with a concept we didn’t understand and taking that challenge as an opportunity to create, that’s why this gin is so important to us.