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Outcask Rum Maple Cask Finish

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50% ABV

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Our Specialty cask release series takes Outcask Rum to new ventures as we explore the influence of unique barrel expressions. 

We always say fermentation is where the flavour comes from, distillation is alchemy and the evolution comes from the barrel maturation, now you can taste along the journey.

These casks are carefully selected from other producers worldwide to derive a variety of small-batch releases to share, enjoy, and provoke discussion. That’s The Spirit! 

This 3.3YO rum takes our staple Outcask Wild Rum to another height with its syrupy aroma boasting more vanilla and caramelized molasses notes. Without being sweet on the palate the cask brings a hint of warmer spice tones and tropical fruit with a bit of nuttiness.

Outcask Rum Maple Cask Finish:
2 years EX Australian Whiskey Cask I 15 months Ex Maple Cask
228 bottles l 50%