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Morita 700ml

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Vapour-Infused Chipotle Vodka
42% ABV

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Inspired by a love of Mexican food, this is not a chilli vodka but a spirit made for cocktails.
The smooth smokiness of Morita Chipotle Vodka can tone down classic vodka recipes that are too sweet for twentieth-century palates such as a Moscow mule or double down on an already savoury recipe such as a bloody mary. A spin on a margarita or a smokey element in vodka classics like a cosmopolitan or a caprioska.

Key Botanicals: Australian Limes, Mexican Chipotles and Agave Syrup.

Tasting notes:  "An immediately savoury and distinctive nose - meat sauce, peppers, saline and lemon. An inviting palate of smoky, meaty, vegetal notes and peppery warmth, like drinking an exotic BBQ, where the heat of the spirit works beautifully with the flavour." World Drink Awards 2023




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